On 20/09/16 16:06, Waldek Hebisch wrote:
> You are confused.
It happens!

I have tried the patch and AFAICS it works fine, I would be happy if it were applied.

> As a face (part of simplical complex) (1,3) and
> (3, 1) are the same face.  And problem is not due to wrong
> orientation of input:

I remember now, it is the same face but we allow it to be included multiple times in different orientations:

(1) -> ASIMP := FiniteSimplicialComplex(VertexSetAbstract)
   (1)  FiniteSimplicialComplex(VertexSetAbstract)
                                                         Type: Type
(2) -> v2a:List(List(NNI)) := [[1,3],[1,3],[3,1]]

   (2)  [[1,3],[1,3],[3,1]]
                               Type: List(List(NonNegativeInteger))
(3) -> sc1 := simplicialComplex(vertexSeta(3::NNI),v2a)$ASIMP

                   Type: FiniteSimplicialComplex(VertexSetAbstract)
(4) -> addImpliedFaces(sc1)

   (4)  [[-(1,3),(1,3),(1,3)]]
                                    Type: List(List(OrientedFacet))
(5) -> sc1::DeltaComplex(VertexSetAbstract)

          1D:[[1,- 2],[1,- 2],[- 1,2]]
                              Type: DeltaComplex(VertexSetAbstract)

Under a strict geometric interpretation of a definition of simplicialComplex I suspect that this should not be allowed? But, as we discussed earlier, it is useful not to prevent this to allow construction of interesting delta complexes.

> - apparently you want chains here.  Chains are not the same as
>   complexes.

I take your point and I would like to pursue your earlier comments about having a separate chain domain (though I'm not sure exactly how).

Martin B

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