In order to complete the recent changes to computation.spad I have updated the documentation to match the code changes. Documentation changes only, no change to code.

patch is here:
code is here:


1) Is it possible to suppress automatic insertion of spaces around colon and commas in literate parts of the file?
2) Am I wasting my time doing stuff on literate code?

This is not a big deal for me. I will continue doing the literate version if you think it worthwhile but, if not, its better not to waste my (and your) time.

Usually I first produce documentation in HTML and put it on my website. I then copy it into code file, this copy is inferior to the HTML version because it does not have diagrams.

So why not just rely on the online documentation?

It would be really good if Fricas IO could be the hub for all the various types of online documentation for all categories, domains, etc. If there were to be a standardised way to embed URLs in ++ comments like this:

++ Author: Martin Baker
++ Date Created: March 2011
++ Basic Operations:
++ Related Constructors:
++ Also See:
++ AMS Classifications:
++ Keywords:
++ Reference: ++ Tutorial:
++ An implementation of untyped lambda-calculus

Then Fricas IO might be able to pick up the URLs and generate links that users would see when they were browsing this domain.

Just an idea.

Martin B

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