>> It would be really good if Fricas IO could be the hub for all the 
>> various types of online documentation for all categories, domains, etc. 
>> If there were to be a standardised way to embed URLs in ++ comments like 
>> this:
>> ++ Author: Martin Baker
>> ++ Date Created: March 2011
>> ++ Basic Operations:
>> ++ Related Constructors:
>> ++ Also See:
>> ++ AMS Classifications:
>> ++ Keywords:
>> ++ Reference: 
>> http://www.euclideanspace.com/prog/scratchpad/mycode/computation/
>> ++ Tutorial: 
>> http://www.euclideanspace.com/prog/scratchpad/mycode/computation/lambda/
>> ++ An implementation of untyped lambda-calculus
>> Then Fricas IO might be able to pick up the URLs and generate links that 
>> users would see when they were browsing this domain.
> Well, in TeX/LaTeX "standard" is '\url{http://....}'.  But Fricas IO
> is creation of Ralf Hemmecke so it up to him...

What exactly is meant by "FriCAS IO"?

And (maybe contrary to Waldek) I am not in favour of keeping hypertex as
a format. In fact, I don't believe that there is somewhere written down
document that defines the format of the ++ docstrings. I'd like to
define it as ReStructuredText as a well established standard.
ReStructuredText is rich enough to be mapped to LaTeX and HTML and it is
(in the .spad file) more easily readable than the same text in LaTeX.
Yes, I know, most developers know LaTeX, but hypertex is not LaTeX, but
only a small subset.


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