oldk1331 wrote:
> > Looks like compiler bug...
> For
> F : EuclideanDomain -- instead of Field
> UP : UnivariatePolynomialCategory F
> PFUP ==> PartialFraction(UP)
> I think it's impossible for compiler to assert if PFUP is valid,
> aka if "UP has EuclideanDomain" is true.  I think compiler
> can't do that kind of check without knowing what F really is.

Well, Spad compiler is supposed to accept program only when it
can deduce that the program is type correct.  If Spad compiler
can not see that program is valid it should reject it.

There are some places where Spad compiler accepts code without
checking, apparently assuming that it will be checked later.
But sometimes there is no later check or it is too weak.
Fixing such problems may requre quite large change to Spad
compiler.  But regardless of effert rexired to fix them,
they are still bugs.

                              Waldek Hebisch

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