> ATM I am undecided.  I am not sure if changing 'up' to 'UP' is
> really an improvement.  OTOH there are several uses of 'pretend'...

I think types should all be capitalized, and changing UP to a macro
is better.

As for the usage of pretend, the whole PartialFractionPackage still looks
suspicious to me, the type it uses, UP := UnivariatePolynomial(v, FPR),
which is UP(v, FRAC POLY R), is too complex.
And it uses "factors", which seems odd to me.

BTW, another bug I find:
In Factored(R) there's:
   if R has UniqueFactorizationDomain then UniqueFactorizationDomain

But it's not implemented:

(31) -> factor factor 6
   Internal Error
   The function factor with signature hashcode is missing from domain

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