Thank you for this release, especially your work on Todd-Coxeter algorithm.

I am curious about the following error which compiled without error on previous releases.

This is not a problem (might even be be an advantage) because it forces me to write:
print (message "value of a is " << a)
instead of:
print ("value of a is " << a)

There is also a change to runtime, I suspect this may be change in Lisp? In the last release display of quotes around strings was suppressed in bash output (even without 'message' function) but not in this release.

As I say, this is not important feel free to ignore, just interested to know if it was deliberate or due to unpredictability of compiler.

)abbrev domain TESTO TestOut
TestOut() : Exports == Impl where
    x<<y ==> hconcat(x::OutputForm, y::OutputForm)
    Exports ==> with
      testOut:(a:Integer) -> Integer
    Impl ==> add
      testOut(a:Integer):Integer ==
        "value of a is " << a

   compiling into NRLIB TESTO
   compiling exported testOut : Integer -> Integer
****** comp fails at level 3 with expression: ******
error in function testOut

 (|hconcat| | << | (|::| "value of a is " (|OutputForm|)) | >> |
  (|::| |a| (|OutputForm|)))
 (|exit| 1 |a|))
****** level 3  ******
$x:= (:: value of a is  (OutputForm))
$m:= $EmptyMode
((((|a| # #) (* #) (+ #) (- #) ...)))

   >> Apparent user error:
   Cannot coerce value of a is
      of mode (String)
      to mode (OutputForm)

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