oldk1331 wrote:
> It should be solvable:
> p1 := eval(p, n = 1/n)
> limit(p1, n = 0)
> The result is "1^(x-1)"
> I think this is a bug. There should be something added for 'exprToGenUPS',
> like r1645 for 'exprToUPS'.

I am not sure which one is worse: not getting one sided limit
or how we get two sided one.  Namely, 'exprToUPS' contains
"last chance" expander which expands function into series
by taking successive derivatives.  This expander should be
used for computing limits only when we know that there is
an expansion (and when there is an expansion we must be careful
as this expander can fail due to division by 0).  Gruntz-Shackell
routines (mrv_*) perform checks that function is of expected form.
'limit' blindly passes expression to expander...

                              Waldek Hebisch

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