Hello Ralf

I'm afraid that this kernel has no future. There are far too many issues 
when using newer releases of the required components like SBCL, ZMQ, 
Jupyter and a lot of lisp libraries. And to cap it all, there were some odd 
changes in ASDF which is required by quicklisp. I probably could fix all 
these small problems, however, not fairly soon as I'm really short of time 
at present. 
Nevertheless, I'm working on a new kernel which is much simpler, more 
useful and most important: can be easily maintained ;)
If you are interested, you'll find it @ 
https://github.com/nilqed/spad_http. Of course, I'd be glad if you could 
give it a try on U17.10 (I've only access to U16). 
Here the recipe (just in case ...):

1. git clone https://github.com/nilqed/spad_http.git
2. cd spad_http
3. ./start.sh

Note: the first time it might be better to do 
1. as above
2. as above
3. start fricas
4. )r start (compiles all lisp files)
5. check in browser: http://localhost:4242/eval?code=D(x^n,x,6)
6. )q

Next time ./start.sh will be enough to start fricas, jupyter nb. 

If this minimal implementation is going to work reliably, then it will be easy 
to implement all the features. 
A great advantage also is (IMO) that one may use the console simultaneously.

On Thursday, 12 April 2018 08:20:47 UTC+2, Ralf Hemmecke wrote:
> Hi Kurt, 
> what are the currently the instructions to install fricas_jupyter? 
> I need it for Ubuntu 17.10. 
> Thank you 
> Ralf 

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