see my last written recommendations in the cogent thread

a few more suggestions to find out by yourself if sparkle is an interesting 

see a customer base here:
if you know anyone of these you can ask

analyze the network maps - especially the fiber and ip path´s from
your point of interconnect - paris seems to be good interconnected
as you see 6 different path´s in 6 different geographic directions.
but be careful - it can also be a logical picture which doesn´t tell you
anything about the really used fiber routes.
compare this picture if you are located for example in warsaw - 
so each carriers doesn´t fit for everyone - it depends where you are and
where you want to communicate to

analyze the peering memberships - a pop doesn't help if it is not interconnected
with the national ix´es... analyze the membership lists of france-ix, panap,
equinix.... etc... but also other main hubs around you - Amsterdam, London,
Madrid, Milano, Zurich, Frankfurt.... especially have an eye if you see the 
to other large networks in Amsterdam - a, for french customers well suited 
should be directly interconnected to most other tier-1 and near-tier-1 direct 
in paris and
not in amsterdam, frankfurt or London - you can find out typical via looking 
glass or transit-trial.
but think also on private interconnects - if networks are heavily 
interconnected on
private base a peering-point membership is not a must-have. (but it´s 
suspicious to have no 
direct interconnect to medium and small networks then)

analyze the peering strategy - does your carrier of choice peers only with 
other tier-1
and with no one else or does it come down with peerings to a medium size (eG 
interoute or lambdanet)
or even to a tiny size like - expect potential longer ways to smaller 
networks from
carriers who doesn´t peer with smaller networks - you can find out the peering 
by analyzing the peering matrix of some internet exchanges who publish this 

if you are a carrier who is focused on getting many large peerings by yourself 
it´s often a
well know strategy to take only the two largest tier-1 carriers and nothing 
else - this
traffic path is the worst case for many medium sized network who must pay for 
traffic and then have a potential larger interest in peering with you.
if you are not involved in this, a mixture of a large worldwide tier-1 with a 
well peered 
european player can potentially make more sence...

so a few more suggestions for you - hopefully it´s a help

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Bonjour tout le monde,

Bon je vois que le débat fait rage concernant COGENT !!! Pour ma part je suis 
actuellement en réflexion concernant SPARKLE (telecom italia) notamment pour du 
trafic IP plutôt hors de france.

Puisque le sujet va un peu au-delà de la simple qualité mais se porte aussi du 
coté "opérateur sympa plutôt que voyou", quelqu'un est-il (ou a
été) client chez eux ?

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