On a pas mal d'instance chez eux qu'on éteint la nuit et qu'on rallume le 
lendemain matin ..
Et qui n'ont pas redémarrée ce matin évidement !
Donc oui, c'est la galère actuellement


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Je sais pas si vous êtes au courant de ça, mais ça vient de chez MS :

STATUS: In-Progress 3/24/2020 6:08:14 PM UTC

SUMMARY OF IMPACT: Starting at 19 Mar 2020 00:30 UTC you have been identified 
as a customer using Virtual Machines in West Europe/North Europe/UK West and UK 
South who may receive error notifications when performing service management 
operations - such as create, update, scale and start - for resources in this 

We are aware of this issue and are actively working to ensure availability of 
resources in the quickest time frame possible. We recommend you consider 
deploying to a different region.  If you require resources in this location, 
create a technical request using the "Create a support request" link to the 
right of this notification.


Please try to deploy resources in following alternate regions: US East, US 
South Central.
Alternate SKU in recommended order:

FSV2 in Westeurope/Northeurope/UKsouth
LSv2 In Westeurope/Northeurope

NEXT STEPS: Please visit (https://aka.ms/CloudCovidResponse) for more details 
on our commitment to customers and Microsoft cloud services continuity.

Stay informed about Azure service issues by creating service health alerts. 
Learn more through video tutorials (https://aka.ms/ash-videos) or how-to 
documentation (https://aka.ms/ash-alerts).

Comme quoi le cloud, c'est pas magique : pas de CPU/RAM = pas de chocolat



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