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Applied. Regarding direct push access:

1) Please stop offending me about this on IRC. The usual case is that
you earn it, you don't request it. If you want to have push access to
the repo from where releases are made, just contribute and one day we
will offer it for you.

2) A far easier way is to go to
http://repo.or.cz/regproj.cgi?fork=pacman-g2.git, create a repo for
yourself and you'll be the owner of the repo, once you have some useful
patches there, just send a pull request. This is a bit worse than
sending inline patches as it's harder for the reviewer to quote your
patches, but in case pushing makes you happy, this can work as well.

3) Not that this is something I use to speak about, but in case you are
interested, currently I would not grant push access to our pacman-g2
repo, because your patches currently needs reviewing. See, the previous
2 patches had problems as well. We usually offer direct push access when
the review becomes unnecessary.

4) Look at the bright side of it, you can send in whatever you want
without the responsibility of breaking many user's boxes, since we
review your patches. Till you don't have push access, we are at least
less able to blame you. ;)

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