commit f350d34ed63ee52f459122a3c03aa75d76cfa46e
Author: Miklos Vajna <>
Date:   Sun May 3 12:35:34 2009 +0200

issue43: more escapes

diff --git a/frugalware/weeklynews/issue43.html 
index d06824b..ee6c8b7 100644
--- a/frugalware/weeklynews/issue43.html
+++ b/frugalware/weeklynews/issue43.html
@@ -42,9 +42,9 @@ newsletter:</p>
<h3>Exceed (AKA C&#258;dric)</h3>
<p>In the previous newsletter I mentioned that there had been some
confusion caused by a developer and contributor whose first names were
-        very similar - Cédric and Cedrick. Cédric very kindly decided to
+        very similar - C&#258;dric and Cedrick. C&#258;dric very kindly 
decided to
resolve this confusion by giving himself the nickname "Exceed".  Thanks
-         for resolving this confusion, Cédric...oops, I mean Exceed.</p>
+         for resolving this confusion, C&#258;dric...oops, I mean Exceed.</p>
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