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= How to contribute

-If you find our work and effort worth it, please consider donating.
- This is not limited to monetary contributions, every donation of a
- limited valuable resource (including your time, knowledge) is appreciated.
- Depending on your resources, there are many ways to help us.
+If you appreciate our work, please consider contributing. Below are examples
+of ways in which you can help the Frugalware project. If you want to help in
+a way that's not described here, please tell us of your idea in an email to
+the Frugalware users' mailing list, or add an entry to the Frugalware forums.
+== Donations of money
+Donations of money are welcome and will be used to cover costs such as domain
+name registration, hosting costs (hardware, bandwidth etc). If you want to
+donate, please use the "Donation" link on the Frugalware home page.

== Translation

-A comprehensive and multi-language documentation is very important.
- With linguistic and no programming knowledge and some time, you can
- help us create (by asking) and maintain different translations.
+Comprehensive, multi-lingual documentation is very important to us because we
+want Frugalware to be available to as many people as possible. If you have the
+required linguistic knowledge, you could help translate various pieces of work.
+ These include our own applications, documentation, web site etc.

== Application packaging

-In the[Bug Tracking System], there are
-feature requests for some packages. The process of making packages is
-well documented, and with some GNU/Linux experience, it isn't difficult.
-But it takes time, so submitting well-packaged software is a great way
-to help us and save our time.
+In the[Bug Tracking System], are requests for
+packages, from Frugalware's users. The process of making packages is well
+documented in the
+[Frugalware Developer Documentation], and with some GNU/Linux experience, you
+could contribute in that way. Existing package maintainers are always available
+to help you, especially if you're new to packaging.

== Developing

-Of course, any skilled help is appreciated in developing core systems, like
-contributing code to pacman-g2 or the setup.
+Frugalware has several of its own applications, including:
+* An ncurses installer;
+* A GUI installer (fwife);
+* A GUI package management tool (gfpm);
+* A command-line package manager (pacman-g2);
+* A GUI runlevel manager (gservice).
+Help in further developing and enhancing these applications is welcome.

== Donating hardware

@@ -34,15 +49,14 @@ process within a specific architecture.

We usually update our artwork (background images, grub splash, desktop manager
themes, window manager splashes and so on) for each release. If you are skilled
-to help, you're welcome. :)
+in this area, you're welcome to join the artwork team.

== Support

If you have time and knowledge, monitor the forums, read the mailing list
-posts, hang around on IRC and try to answer the questions, solve the occured
+posts, hang around on IRC and try to answer peoples' questions.

== Find bugs

-If you find bugs, you can help with submitting well-written bugreports, see the
+If you find bugs, you can help by submitting well-written bug reports, see the
Reporting Bugs section for more info.
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