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You should use the same arch for the usbkey and the hosted that build this key

+3. Basic cryptsetup
+Create your partitions so that you have a small /boot, and an other partition 
that has the rest of the space.
+For example:
+/dev/hda1 = 50M
+/dev/hda2 = 60G
+Filling the partition with random data (optional)
+If you don't want anyone to know how much data there is on your disk, or where 
on the disk it is, you might want to fill it with random data first.
+This can take DAYS on a slower machine or a huge drive, so can only be 
recommended for the truly paranoid.
+# dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/hda2
+Encrypting the partition
+# modprobe dm-crypt
+# modprobe aes
+# modprobe sha256
+Format the partition you created earlier. Remember that if you forget the 
passphrase all the encrypted data will be lost.
+# cryptsetup luksFormat /dev/hda2 enc-pv
+If the command failed make sure you have the necessary modules loaded.
+Open the encrypted partition
+To access the data on the partition you will need to do the following. This 
will create /dev/mapper/enc-pv that we will use for LVM.
+# cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/hda2 enc-pv
+Creating LVM partitons
+Create a physical volume
+# pvcreate /dev/mapper/enc-pv
+And a volume group.
+# vgcreate vg /dev/mapper/enc-pv
+Now add the logical volumes.
+In this example we will have 40G for the root partition and 1G for swap.
+# lvcreate -L 40G -n root vg
+# lvcreate -L 1G -n swap vg
+Format and mount
+Format them.
+# mke2fs -j -L root /dev/vg/root
+# mkswap -L swap /dev/vg/swap
+And mount/enable them.
+# mount /dev/vg/root /mnt/frugalware
+# swapon /dev/vg/swap
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