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docs/upgrade: add dhcpcd-5.x section

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@@ -86,6 +86,26 @@ files are not parsed completely. So be warned, it's expected 
that you
need to re-configure a few of your favorite KDE applications before they
are ready to work again.

+== DHCP client 5.x upgrade
+We shipped the DHCP client daemon 3.x series in Getorin and now we
+updated to 5.x in Locris. This includes a major internal dhcpcd rework,
+but there should be no big incompatibility on the user side. Minor
+issues may appear, for example if you do not want dhcpcd touch your
+`/etc/resolv.conf` file, and you used the following directive in a
+`netconfig` profile:
+dhcp_opts = -R
+now you need:
+dhcp_opts = -C 20-resolv.conf
== The reboot

Since the kernel is upgraded, too, you have to reboot your machine.
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