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Author: Miklos Vajna <>
Date:   Sun Mar 7 19:13:17 2010 +0100

1.2 announce draft

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+        <id>163</id>
+        <title>Frugalware 1.2 (Locris) released</title>
+        <date>Mon, 08 Mar 2010 08:51:34 +0100</date>
+        <author>Miklos Vajna</author>
+        <hidden>1</hidden>
+        <content><![CDATA[
+            <center><img src=""; 
alt="Frugalware 1.2 Locris is released !" /></center><br />
+            The Frugalware Developer Team is pleased to <a 
href="/news/163">announce</a> the immediate availability of Frugalware 1.2, our 
twelfth stable release.<br />
+            No new features have been added since 1.2rc2, but 62 changes have 
been made to fix minor bugs. If you didn't follow the changes during the pre/rc 
releases, here are the most important changes since 1.1 in no particular 
order:<br />
+            <ul>
+                <li>Up to date packages: Linux kernel, GNU C library 
2.11.1, Xorg 7.5, GNOME 2.28, KDE 4.3.5 to name a few major components.</li>
+                                                               <li>KMS (Kernel 
Mode-Setting) is now enabled by default for Intel and Radeon cards.</li>
+                <li>PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules) is now part of the 
base system.</li>
+                <li>Introduced devtmpfs: you can now exclude /dev from 
backups, along with /proc and /sys.</li>
+                                                               <li>Removed 
several large games from the install images (CD/DVD) which means one less DVD 
or 4 less CDs.</li>
+                                                               <li>We finally 
upgraded our KDE (and related) packages to the 4.x branch. The work started 
back in April 2009 and now we thought it's a good move to merge that testing 
+                                                               <li>This 
release comes with Xorg 7.5, see the <a 
href="";>upstream list 
of new features</a>.</li>
+                                                               <li>We've 
updated our bluez userspace stack to the 4.x branch, which allowed us to 
improve both GNOME and KDE bluetooth support.</li>
+            </ul>
+            Please refer to the Frugalware <a 
 ChangeLog</a> for more information.<br />
+                                               Download for i686, x86_64 and 
ppc: See our <a href="";>mirror 
list</a>. Don't forget to check the <a 
of the install images before burning!<br />
+                                               <b>NOTE</b>: Click <a 
href="/docs/install#_choosing_installation_flavor">here</a> to read more about 
what media you need for the installation.<br />
+                                               If you are upgrading to Locris 
from our previous stable release (Getorin), please read the <a 
href="";>upgrade</a> part of our 
documentation.<br />
+            ]]>
+        </content>
+    </post>
+    <post>
<title>Frugalware Newsletter Issue 58</title>
<date>Tue, 23 Feb 2010 22:52:55 +1000</date>
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