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@@ -136,5 +136,16 @@ using UTF8 is not the default where it is possible.''

'What architectures does Frugalware support?'

-``Currently we support x86 (Pentium Pro or higher) and x86_64 (k8, aka. amd64)
+``Currently we support x86 (Pentium Pro or higher), x86_64 (k8, aka. amd64)
+platforms and ppc (PowerPC)''
+'How are compressed the Frugalware packages ?'
+``FPM packages were originally .tar.gz packages, then a bit later we
+migrated to libarchive, which allowed bzip2 compression. Life was
+good, but then lzma was came, and I added support for libarchive, though
+others were not really interested in a migration, so we stick to
+.tar.bz2. A few months ago libarchive got support for the xz format
+(which is the successor of lzma), so we switched to it. pacman-g2 still
+support .tar.gz and .tar.bz2 as well, and the package extension is .fpm
+all the time to make it clear that it's a Frugalware package''
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