commit 767158685735d1ab7279f1bcb30988d61cd8bed0
Author: Michel Hermier <>
Date:   Sun Jul 18 12:08:56 2010 +0200

* Fix Fmakeinstall with DESTDIR common rule. Specifying
DESTDIR=$Fdestdir will make $Fdestdir visible when dumping the
database, and since $Fdestdir is very likely to be unique, we can
simply grep for it.

diff --git a/source/include/ b/source/include/
index 0bc6ee7..bb866b5 100644
--- a/source/include/
+++ b/source/include/
@@ -744,7 +744,7 @@ Fnant() {
Fmakeinstall() {
Fmessage "Installing to the package directory..."
if [ -f GNUmakefile -o -f makefile -o -f Makefile ]; then
-               if make -p -q 2>/dev/null | grep -q '$\((\|{\)DESTDIR\()\|}\)' 
2>/dev/null; then
+               if make -p -q DESTDIR="$Fdestdir" 2>/dev/null | grep -q 
"$Fdestdir" 2>/dev/null; then
Fexec make DESTDIR="$Fdestdir" "$@" install || Fdie
Fexec make prefix="$Fdestdir"/"$Fprefix" "$@" install || Fdie
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