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Author: Russell Dickenson (AKA phayz) <>
Date:   Thu Oct 14 21:59:57 2010 +1000

Newsletter issue 72

* added missing "</a>"

modified:   issue72.html

diff --git a/frugalware/weeklynews/issue72.html 
index 046a37c..3a356d1 100644
--- a/frugalware/weeklynews/issue72.html
+++ b/frugalware/weeklynews/issue72.html
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
<h2> entertain</h2>

<p>"...the Linux philosophy is "laugh in the face of danger". Oops. Wrong
-  one. "Do it yourself". That's it."<em>Linus Torvalds</em></p>
+  one. "Do it yourself". That's it."&nbsp;&nbsp;<em>Linus Torvalds</em></p>


@@ -69,7 +69,7 @@
<h3>Control your PC from your phone</h3>

<p>Frugalware developer VMiklos recently packaged <a href=
-  "";>anyremote, which allows you to
+  "";>anyremote</a>, which allows you 
control your computer from your phone. Using only your phone you can carry
out actions simply and easily for which you would normally use your mouse or
keyboard. Here's a table of common keyboard functions and the matching
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