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Date:   Wed Dec 22 20:18:37 2010 +1000

Merry Christmas 2010 message

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Merry Christmas to everyone in the Frugalware community. Even if you
don't celebrate Christmas as a Christian festival, it's a good time
to reflect on your achievements and plan for the year ahead. 2010 has
-        been an interesting, exciting and productive year for Frugalware 
Linux.<br />
+        been an interesting, exciting and productive year for Frugalware Linux.
Events have included many new developers and contributors.
Thankyou to everyone who has contributed to our success, including:
developers, contributors, translators, artists, bloggers, those who
reported bugs and everyone who participated in the mailing lists and
forums. In a community like Frugalware's, <em>everyone's</em> contribution
-        is vital to our success.<br />
+        is vital to our success.</p>
Plans for 2011 are still in development, but you can be sure it will be
even more busy and exciting than 2010. In the meantime, we wish you the
very best of the season and look forward to "seeing" you again next
-        year.<br />
+        year.
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