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== A testing release

-Just because I don't know where to document this, here is the command line what
-I use to sync changes from -current to -testing before a release:
+A testing release is similar to a full one, but much simpler. Here are
+the steps:
+- bump the `frugalware` package: update the Makefile in
+  `frugalware.git`, upload a new release tarball, and update the package
+  in -current
+- rebuild the `setup` package, update the version of the `frugalware`
+  package dependency to the new version
+- wait for the nightly cronjob to publish setup kernel+initrd under
+  `/pub/frugalware/frugalware-current/boot`
+- now you can generate a netinstall iso using mkiso for a single
+  architecture you can test and upload the image to
+  `/pub/frugalware/frugalware-current-iso`
+- do a default install and make sure the machine boots up and you can
+  log in using the graphical interface (if not, then fix it)
+- run `dg tag <version>` for the new version and push it
+- sync changes from -current to -testing:

$ rsync -avP --delete-after frugalware-current/ frugalware-testing/

+- generate installer images for a single architecture using
+  `mkisorelease`
+- wait at least 24h so that mirrors will be in sync
+- update news.xml and roadmap.xml to mark the release as done
== Preparing

- send a mail to -devel about "please stop version and release bumps"
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