commit b6bee56d02595cb1383384903c74110060dfd40a
Author: Krisztian VASAS <>
Date:   Sun Apr 3 16:28:26 2011 +0200

added samba to upgrade.txt

diff --git a/docs/upgrade.txt b/docs/upgrade.txt
index f8bc511..56a7c55 100644
--- a/docs/upgrade.txt
+++ b/docs/upgrade.txt
@@ -23,6 +23,12 @@ replace it when you upgrade:
# pacman-g2 -Sy systemd

+== samba
+The new release comes with a new version of samba. From this version the
+package does NOT contain mount.smb, smbmnt and smbmount binaries, so in the
+file /etc/fstab the "smb" filesystem type has to be changed to "cifs"
//== Removing obsolete packages

//Some software has been marked as obsolete in the new release. To remove
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