commit 1c33025c22eab411088205b1cf76d46fe2e28cf0
Author: Miklos Vajna <>
Date:   Thu Sep 1 00:23:59 2011 +0200

docs/repos: mention foo_bases

diff --git a/docs/repos.txt b/docs/repos.txt
index f47eba7..d8a35b2 100644
--- a/docs/repos.txt
+++ b/docs/repos.txt
@@ -124,7 +124,7 @@ files on the server which runs `syncpkgd` (that's typically 
not your
local machine and not the one that runs `syncpkgcd`).

Edit syncpkgd's repoman config by extending the repos array and adding
-the foo_servers and foo_sudo variables:
+the foo_servers, foo_sudo and foo_bases variables:

vi ~syncpkgd/.repoman.conf
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