commit b4cbdc0a077c04826381213cc646f1e365928885
Author: Miklos Vajna <>
Date:   Wed Jan 5 14:35:46 2011 +0100

- depends: libgcj-awt>=4.4.0-2 -> openjre
- makedepends: drop pam-headers (pam is in chroot-core) and gcc-gcj
(openjdk is already a makedepend)

diff --git a/source/xapps/ 
index 486aad1..9a38106 100644
--- a/source/xapps/
+++ b/source/xapps/
@@ -43,18 +43,17 @@ fi
Finclude gnome-scriptlet mono kde
unset install
-depends=('libxml2' 'libart_lgpl' 'libsndfile' 'libgcj-awt>=4.4.0-2' 'nas' 
'fontconfig' 'libpng>=1.4.1' 'imagemagick' \
+depends=('libxml2' 'libart_lgpl' 'libsndfile' 'openjre' 'nas' 'fontconfig' 
'libpng>=1.4.1' 'imagemagick' \
'flex' 'neon>=0.26.1' 'bison' 'zip' 'unzip' 'expat' 'cups' 'desktop-file-utils' 
'perl-archive-zip' \
'unixodbc' 'libxaw>=1.0.5' 'libxslt' 'startup-notification>=0.9-3' 
'libwpd>=0.8.13' 'poppler' 'libboost-mt' \
'sane-backends' 'lp_solve' 'silgraphite' 'libtextcat')
# this is here as gstreamer is only a makedepend
rodepends=('flac' 'dejavu-ttf')
-# lucene can be any 2.x version actually
-makedepends=('curl>=7.20.0-2' 'intltool' 'tcsh' 'pam-headers' 'gcc-gcj' 'ecj' 
'apache-ant' \
+makedepends=('curl>=7.20.0-2' 'intltool' 'tcsh' 'ecj' 'apache-ant' \
'boost' 'icu' 'hunspell' 'imake' 'gccmakedep' 'xalan-j' \
'patch>=2.5.9' 'openclipart' 'xorg-server' 'gstreamer>=0.10.30-2' 
'gst-plugins-base' \
'procps' 'openldap' 'gperf' 'xulrunner' 'kdelibs-compiletime' 'libwps' \
-            'libwpg' 'mdbtools' 'mdds' 'junit' 'lucene=2.9.4' 'cppunit' 
'hsqldb' 'bsh' 'vigra' \
+            'libwpg' 'mdbtools' 'mdds' 'junit' 'lucene' 'cppunit' 'hsqldb' 
'bsh' 'vigra' \
'mythes' 'hyphen')
archs=('i686' 'x86_64')
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