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Date:   Thu Jan 20 14:53:35 2011 +0100

docs/repos: document when syncd will build packages after merging

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This document is for developers who want to publish a git repository on the
Frugalware FTP Server and on the Frugalware Gitweb Interface.

+== Name of the repository
+The name of the official repositories are `frugalware-current`,
+`frugalware-stable` and so on.
+The name of WIP repositories are typically in a `featureNUM` form, like
+`kde45` or `parted2`, referring to the name of the software it contains
+and its version. This method is used so that the repository name can be
+a valid shell variable as well.
+Please note that there is a convention that WIP repository names never
+contain a hyphen (`-`). This is on purpose. It's not trivial to decide
+that when you merge code from one repository to another then build
+servers should try to build automatically the new packages you brought
+in or not. Because of this the policy is that if a hyphen is in the
+name, the it'll build the new packages (WIP -> -current merge), but it
+won't do so when you merge the other way around.
== Location of the repository

Since a repository consists of plain files, we can and should place them on the
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