On 08/04/18 17:10, Michael Dorrington wrote:
> On 25/03/18 22:53, Michael Dorrington wrote:
>> I'll post my progress as I go and we'll finish off at the next meeting.
>> This will probably be how to get the system booting and where to go from
>> when the system is up.
> I'm up to chroot part, just built and tested Glibc-2.27 (which passed,
> noting LFS expected issues) and am next to do "Adjusting the Toolchain".

I've done the large compile time and/or test time packages (apart from
the Linux compile near the very end).  About 30 packages to go, then on
to "System Configuration".

I expanded the disk space for the system, 6G was just too small.
Especially needed the space as I'm keeping some package build
directories so I can re-run the tests for them when other packages have
been built (as detailed in the book).

The book makes use of advanced shell features and sed.  I had thoughts
that we could do a talk on sed, perhaps including how it fits into the
history of text editors and Unix-like systems.  Even encompassing grep,
AWK and Perl.  What do you think?


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