About Nautilus

Default file manager for GNOME


* Multiple batch renaming fixes (Alex Pandelea, Carlos Soriano)
* Multiple compression integration fixes (Razvan Chitu, Carlos Soriano)
* Fix not showing "eject" and other options for devices in the context menu in 
the desktop (victoryang)
* Rework clipboard handling, fixing desktop<->Nautilus interaction (Carlos 
* Fix overlaping icons on desktop in some cases, noticeabily in Ubuntu (Ian 
* Fix wrong progress information in operations when skipping files (Razvan 
* Fix gnome-shell search only searching for whole words (Jiri Cerny)
* Show location as default for list view on Recent (Carlos Soriano)
* Fix context menu position in Wayland or other non-global coordinates systems 
(Carlos Soriano)
* Update man page of nautilus (Ernestas Kulik)
* Add revealer for warnings in batch rename dialog (Lavinia Stefania)
* Add tooltips to batch rename dialog file names (Alex Pandelea)
* Port nautilus classes to G_DECLARE (Lavinia Stefania)
* Extend Nautilus File API for regular files (Neha Yadav)
* Don't crash for simple leaks on the views (Carlos Soriano)

Major changes in 3.22.0:

https://download.gnome.org/sources/nautilus/3.22/nautilus-3.22.1.tar.xz (4.90M)
  sha256sum: 17e37ffecebb2cf29e6bfb52111a951f0c67534b9dabf0210c12d15abb7dbddc

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