About retro-gtk

retro-gtk is a toolkit allowing to easily write GTK+ 3 based Libretro


* A demo application has been added, it allows to directly test the
  without the need of an external tool.

* Loading games:
 - Add the set_medias(), load_medias() and set_current_media() methods
   to Core and load the given medias (if any) in Core.init().
 - Remove load_game() and prepare() Core methods from the public API as
   they are now used indirectly.
 - This should simplify loading games for the users of the library.

* Logging:
 - Add the Core.log() signal which will emit a GLib compatible logging
   message with the Libretro core's name as the log domain.
 - Add retro_g_log() to simply handle Core.log() by outputing the logs
   in the expected unstructured GLib fashion.
 - Remove LogLevel, Log and FileStreamLog as they are now useless.

* Add CoreView as a prototype of a single widget to handle most inputs
  and outputs of a core and use it in the demo.

* Add CoreDescriptor.get_uri().

* Make CairoDisplay.set_core() and Make PaPlayer.set_core() accept null.

* Fix the transmission of keyboard events to the Libretro core.

* Rotation and many methods of Core are ported to C.

* Bugs fixed:
 777489 Refactor the whole API
 780919 Add a demo application
 782501 retro-gtk: Port to C
 782504 retro-gtk: Improve Libretro core logging
 782505 retro-gtk: (on_input_state): should not be reached
 782772 retro: Libretro cores should have an appropriate save directory

https://download.gnome.org/sources/retro-gtk/0.11/retro-gtk-0.11.4.tar.xz (324K)
  sha256sum: eb32a74ea92ce595b08864d2636cbbea9eb95738b3a6f18b93de99309c7ee275

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