About libdazzle

libdazzle is a collection of fancy features for GLib and Gtk+ that
aren't quite ready or generic enough for use inside those libraries.
This is often a proving ground for new widget prototypes. Applications
such as Builder tend to drive development of this project.


Changes in this release:

 • DzlSignalGroup and DzlBIndingGroup were made LGPLv2.1+ so they can be
   copied into projects that cannot link against libdazzle.
 • DzlDockBin got a number of bug fixes.
 • Various compilation fixes for less used compilers.
 • DzlTree gained support for "expanded icon names".
 • DzlTree has a new "always-expand" property to ensure it stays expanded.
 • DzlDockStack no longer requires homogeneous sized children.
 • DzlStackList transition animations have been tweaked to more closely
   reflect physical locality.
 • Calculated animation duration was sped up 1.5x.

  sha256sum: a6fabd80e9ba30460339fb2b06978a56da4e730708735c70a41d6b9f207fa1c5

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