About Builder

Builder is an IDE for writing GNOME-based software. It is currently
under heavy development.


Changes since last release:

 • Indentation fixes when using the fallback indenter.
 • Various UI changes as we progress on the UI revamp.
 • Diagnostics checks now blocked until the buffer has fully loaded.
 • Highlight engine fixes for the recently added pause support.
 • "Export" has been moved to a generic operation from the omnibar.
 • A crash in the diagnostics manager has been fixed due to incorrect
   assertions at runtime.
 • Many keyboard shortcut fixes.
 • The search bar has had missing pieces from the revamp ported.
   This includes better keyboard interactions.
 • Search navigation has been restored from the source editor.
 • Our BuilderBlocks font has been improved to support both lower
   and upper-case glyphs.
 • Builder no longer uses Gtk's setting for sort-directories-first.
 • Builder now supports a "run-opts" in .buildconfig files or
   x-run-args in flatpak json files to pass arguments when running
   the target application.
 • The spellchecker has had a number of fixes that were broken during
   the UI revamp.
 • find-other-file will jump right to the matching file if only one
   is matched. This more closely matches our previous implementation.
 • The build pipeline now recognizes filenames with _ in them when
   generating diagnostics.


 Hungarian, Kazakh, German, Spanish, Indonesian, Czech, Slovenian

  sha256sum: 1bf45efea7168f5ef6c9eb96ce82ded0ae16de0ce6e0356917ab1b3380eb7c81

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