About gnome-dictionary

GNOME Dictionary can look for the definition or translation of a word
in existing databases over the internet.


• The GDict library is now private for GNOME Dictionary, and it is not
  installed any more
• The "Description" key for dictionary sources has been deprecated, and
  replaced with the "Comment" one, to allow for localisation with Gettext
• GNOME Dictionary does not depend on intltool for builds
• GNOME Dictionary switched to the Meson build system from Autotools
• Use natural_width for database popover (#777584)
• Fix typos in manual (#766412)
• Fix displaying the program name in the about dialog (#784343)

Updated translations
  Catalan, Norwegian bokmål, Greek, Croatian, Polish, Belarusian, Indonesian,
  Friulian, Slovenian, German, Hungarian, Spanish, Kazakh, Catalan, Czech,

  sha256sum: 998b38a49ef91a6f966d42febcbbb6f0dee3780aada598a1154dbe7fd82c556d

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