About Nautilus

Default file manager for GNOME


* Fix use of return key for conflict dialog (Evgeny Shulgin)
* Fix use of return key when searching not activating the selected file 
(Alexandru Pandelea)
* Add stable Flatpak builds (Carlos Soriano)
* Fix wrapping file names after a dot (Jeremy Bicha)
* Use header bar for all dialogs (Carlos Soriano)
* Use portals for launching files in a sandbox with Flatpak (Ernestas Kulik)
* Show error on empty name on batch rename dialog (Diana Grecu)
* Change keyboard shortcuts for navigation of tabs similar to Firefox/Chrome 
etc. (Ernestas Kulik)
* Add a restore tab funcionality, similar to web browsers (Alexandru Pandelea)
* Fix rubberband with Wacom tablets (Jason Gerecke)
* Add Full Text Search (fts) to Nautilus so we search inside files content too 
(Alexandru Pandelea)
* Disable create link when clipboard is empty (Tiberiu Lepadatu)
* Disable zoom button if percentage is 100% (Diana Grecu)
* Bump Tracker dependency to version 2.0 (Carlos Garnacho)
* Make Tracker a hard dependency (Bastian Nocera)
* Assume Nautilus project is GPL3+ (Carlos Soriano)
* Allow decompressing archives on remote locations (Bastian Nocera)
* Add license to Nautilus extensions (Ernestas Kulik)
* Only use location in description for GNOME Shell search (Florian Mullner)
* Add tablet pad controllers for common actions (Carlos Garnacho)
* Fix <ctrl>+z when renaming a file not undoing the text (Ernestas Kulik)
* Use upstream and newer fallback icons (Ernestas Kulik)
* Provide mime type support for compressed archives, so Nautilus can be used 
for handling compressed archives outside of Nautilus too (Carlos Soriano)

https://download.gnome.org/sources/nautilus/3.25/nautilus-3.25.90.tar.xz (3.12M)
  sha256sum: da209fabe57c2afd99fd34b08137eef631dc1e8544d5fe6075a19a4061793118

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