Released: 2018-02-14

This is an unstable release in the 3.27 development series, with the following
 * The Software Sources dialog was renamed to Software Repositories and
 * Fedora Workstation third party repository handling was rewritten and should
   be more robust
 * Improved handling of metered network connections, making sure we cancel any
   downloads when changing to a metered connection
 * Limit the number of parallel operations depending on the installed CPU
 * Improved handling of pending installs when there's no network connection
 * Unused ostree and rpm plugins were dropped
 * Switch from GtkSpell to gspell
 * Improve alignment on the updates page
 * Do not show missing screenshot error for fonts that have screenshots
 * Fix various issues on Ubuntu when purchasing apps
 * Fix an issue that led to duplicate categories appearing on the overview page
 * Various memory leak and correctness fixes

This release also updates translations.

  sha256sum: 0a590d7304bdf4076337d51e5ad21ba01b3f8b368b19f0576cbaf899e618e2bd

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