Changes since last release:

 • Undo/Redo improvements when using multiple cursors.
 • Support for --device in flatpak finish-args. This fixes running apps
   such as gnome-maps that require OpenGL support.
 • Experimental support for deviced to connect to remote devices.
 • The flatpak manifest configuration provide now supports duplication,
   delete, and tracking changes in the source repository.
 • Builder requires enchant-2 now in coordination with gspell.
 • The build pipeline now supports building alternate architectures
   based upon the selected device architecture.
 • A new deploy action has been added which allows pushing builds to
   supported external devices.
 • A new build pipeline phase "commit" has been added. This allows
   separating the process of commiting a build to a flatpak-repo from
   the process of exporting a binary such as a .flatpak.
 • The flatpak build pipeline tries a number of strategies to cleanup
   broken build directories.
 • The omnibar provides some visual feedback about build success/failure
   when a build advancing to certain build phases completes.
 • A new qemu plugin adds support for building for non-native architectures
   using binfmt and qemu-user-static.
 • A new "device" button has been added to the omnibar to select the target
   device. We expect this to be used more in 3.30 but has limited support
   in 3.28.

Updated Translations:

  Swedish, Danish, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Kazakh, British English, Korean,
  Spanish, Greek, Turkish, Galician, French, Dutch, Czech, German, Italian,
  Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Serbian.

  We'd like to thank all our translators for keeping up with a number of
  late stage translation improvements.


  GNOME-based templates use the Flatpak 3.28 SDK and Platform. Those
  may not be available until after 3.28 is announced. You may want to
  coordinate your release to users with Flathub.

  sha256sum: 71b7527a4297b5e4986754f5563cb9afc777bc8a890b90145c05ac93f2d6a9f8

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