Important Notes on some prior fictitious posts to this list:

As most of you figured out long ago, a message posted to the list on Mon,
12 Feb 2007 11:42:29 -0800

By a poster claiming the name of Jaime Demetur (which is not his real
name, but a spoof of yet another person's name who he targets)..
claiming to be a "forwarded message" from YouTube user VioletKitty411 ,
and listing the user names of Irish282 (Claude Clark) and a subsequent
post naming DynaCatLovesMe as "pedophiles", and to "send this message to
everyone you know", was a complete fraud.
VioletKitty411 never sent such a message (and this can be checked with
her easily), she was actually another target of this cyber-terrorist
group, calling themselves the YouTube Yahweh Clan.
"Jaime Demetur" (using the list email address of sniffikins (at) yahoo
(dot) com ) is known as "SubSeven" and calls himself the "leader" of this

The "Yahweh Clan" basically goes around harassing and spreading lies
about people, especially targeting those with physical and/or mental
disabilities, abuse survivors, suicidal teens (usually with the apparent
intent to see who can get them to go through with it), children, etc.,
and find humor in it when they are able to cause harm.

They have attempted to fool people that they are legit "members of the
tubes and internets" (their lingo), and are associated with Encyclopedia
Dramatica, which they use to post further defamatory and harmful content
(including names and addresses of children, telling people they are
"pedophiles" to direct in-person harassment towards them as a form of
They also will attempt extortion after they post someone's address, that
if they want it removed they must conform to their demands (for example
"make a video denouncing the Jews, and don't let anyone know we had
anything to do with it"). In short, these people define "scum".

Another poster who claimed to be YouTube user "TheMaskedAnalyst" (who
wasn't really him) posted a list of personal information about a user to
slander her and mock her, including her address, bank information, etc.

Another Yahweh Clan member named RJ Carter posted an "article" here about
"Pedophiles on YouTube", which was posted elsewhere and intended to sound
like a legit article about internet safety, but directs harassment
towards children (ironically) by listing their YouTube user names and
calling them "pedophile supporters", as well as targeting a well-known
children's video collaboration channel on YouTube, YoungTubers United, by
implying there are pedophiles running it (it is run by a 14 year old boy
and his father).
It also targets users such as Irish282 (are we picking up a pattern
here?) by implying they are pedophiles.

Irish282 and the others get targeted because they are part of a group who
stuck up for the women the Yahweh Clan started to harass and torment, and
other who they targeted, including children they harassed. When the kids
were defended, the Yahweh Clan decided to make Irish282 and the others
out to be "pedophiles", making up numerous phony profiles, videos, you
name it.
Irish282 and the others are working with law enforcement to get more
action taken against these people.
They have also filed dozens of forged and fictitious false DMCA
(copyright complaints) notices on numerous videos of their victims,
claiming they "own" them, to get ISPs to delete them and suspend the
users, using completely false names (which is perjury and forgery, and
conspiracy to do so).

There is a mass of videos on YouTube about all of these ongoing
situations, including some listing over 300 Yahweh Clan accounts that 
have been suspended, (yet there is only about 10 members of this group,
they just make new accounts).
The original thread follows:

[Full-disclosure] Pedophiles On YouTube (ringleader Irish282)


  * From: Jaime Demetur <sniffikinsxxxxxxxxx>

  * Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2007 11:34:41 -0800 (PST)



VioletKitty411 wrote:
I am concern about the pedophile situation on YouTube. A "friend" of mine
Irish282 on YouTube appears to be the ringleader of a group of pedophiles
hiding behind the front of the "YouTube Vigilantes". I don't want to be
associated with these people. Please warn all parents about this man. He
operates by trying to be "friends" with these children. His info is
included below:

Claude Clark
2151 O*** ****** Rd
San Jose, California 95131
(408) ***-****

Please, save the kids from this man, and forward this email to everyone
you know.


Re: [Full-disclosure] Pedophiles On YouTube (ringleader Irish282)

  * From: Nicholas Winn <nwinnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

  * Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2007 17:46:49 -0500


And I assume your not full of *** and have proof of this because?

Re: [Full-disclosure] Pedophiles On YouTube (ringleader Irish282)

  * From: TheGesus <thegesusxxxxxxxxx>

  * Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2007 08:39:44 -0500


I think the "forward this email to everyone you know" line should have
been enough to set off anyone's bull*** alarm.

Re: [Full-disclosure] Pedophiles On YouTube (ringleader Irish282)

  * From: Siim P├Áder <windoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

  * Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2007 17:08:20 +0200



TheGesus wrote:

  On 2/12/07, Nicholas Winn <nwinnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    And I assume your not full of *** and have proof of this because?

  I think the "forward this email to everyone you know" line should
  been enough to set off anyone's bull*** alarm.

No need to worry. Since receiving this e-mail I have murdered "irish282"
to death with my bare hands.

Yours truly,
MC anonymous.

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