Unrestricted Upload/RCE in Neosense theme for WordPress


Neosense is a WordPress theme by dynamicpress. 

Neosense theme version 1.7 contains an unrestricted file upload vulnerability. 

Version 1.7 (and possibly earlier) includes in its theme directory a copy of 
the "qquploader" ajax file uploader, which does not verify user authorization. 
Using this uploader, an attacker can upload any file to the site. The uploaded 
file is placed in the wp-content/uploads/YYYY/mm directory, which is normally 

The vulnerability can be used to achieve remote code execution by uploading a 
PHP script with extension .php or .phtml.

The vulnerability was fixed in Neosense theme 1.8 by switching to WordPress 
core functions for file uploads.

- 12 Aug: Vulnerability submitted to dynamicpress
- 16 Aug: Response by dynamicpress
- 29 Aug: Neosense theme 1.8 released by dynamicpress
- 19 Sep: Vulnerability published

The vulnerability was found by Walter Hop, Slik BV, The Netherlands.

Walter Hop | PGP key: https://lifeforms.nl/pgp

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