Product: Alienvault OSSIM/USM
Vulnerability: PHP Object Injection
Author: Peter Lapp, lappsec () gmail com
CVE: CVE-2016-8580
Vulnerable Versions: <=5.3.1
Fixed Version: 5.3.2

Vulnerability Details

A PHP object injection vulnerability exists in multiple widget files
due to the unsafe use of the unserialize() function. The affected
files include flow_chart.php, gauge.php, honeypot.php,
image.php,inventory.php, otx.php, rss.php, security.php, siem.php,
taxonomy.php, tickets.php, and url.php.
An authenticated attacker could send a serialized PHP object to one of
the vulnerable pages and potentially gain code execution via magic
methods in included classes.


This benign POC injects the IDS_Report class from PHPIDS into the
refresh parameter of image.php. The __toString method of IDS_Report is
then executed and the output is displayed in the value of the content
field in the response:



08/03/16 - Reported to Vendor
10/03/16 - Fixed in version 5.3.2


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