CVE ID: CVE-2024-25228

Title: Authenticated Command Injection Vulnerability in 
ManoeuvreHandler.class.php of Vinchin Backup & Recovery Versions 7.2 and Earlier

A critical security vulnerability has been discovered in the 
`getVerifydiyResult` function within the `ManoeuvreHandler.class.php` file of 
Vinchin Backup & Recovery software, affecting versions 7.2 and earlier. This 
function, intended for validating IP addresses or web resources, is vulnerable 
to authenticated command injection due to insufficient input validation and 

Function Analysis:
- The function accepts an input array `$params`, focusing on the `type` and 
`value` keys.
- Based on the `type`, it attempts to validate the input using either 
`verifyPing` (for IP addresses) or `verifyWeb` (for web resources).
- The vulnerability specifically lies in the `verifyPing` method, where the 
`exec` function is used to execute a `ping` command with the user-supplied 
`value`, without proper validation or sanitization.

Exploitation Risk:
Authenticated attackers can exploit this vulnerability by injecting malicious 
commands into the `value` parameter. When processed by the vulnerable function, 
these commands can be executed on the server, leading to unauthorized access or 

Current Status:
As of the latest available information, no patch has been released for this 
vulnerability in versions 7.2 and earlier of Vinchin Backup & Recovery. The 
vendor has not acknowledged the vulnerability.

Users are advised to apply strict access controls to mitigate the risk posed by 
this vulnerability until an official patch is released. Monitoring for any 
updates from Vinchin regarding this issue is also recommended.

Discoverer: Valentin Lobstein
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