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The annotated tag, v6.1beta2 has been created
        at  b532375f65b489b76020c327399b1c283edae20a (tag)
   tagging  815a6bd722d74f4bdffbe1051e3991af385b24a7 (commit)
  replaces  v6.1beta1
 tagged by  Franck Villaume
        on  Fri Feb 23 13:55:58 2018 +0000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
v6.1beta2 release

Franck Villaume (167):
      tracker workflow: adjust lisibility. enforce css class in thead. add 
missing title section
      fix getNumberOfUsersByStatusAndName function: missing parenthesis in AND. 
return wrong number of users
      Tracker Release Custom Field: ensure we get FRS package factory
      Installation: add missing ImageMagick dependencies
      re-add startpoint.php, maybe need for very old database migration/upgrade
      fix ownership on incoming dir for groups in case of use_manual_uploads set
      fix tracker autoassign upgrade script. extra_field_id 100 is reserved
      Project Latest File Releases Widget: unsortable some columns
      reorg css in funky
      funky-wOw: avoid multiple css inherited from funky theme
      funky theme: reorg css and clean-up
      funky-wOw theme: fix jquery version, reorg css
      funky-wOw theme: reorg css
      sync locale pot
      forge_set_password: clean-up
      inject-*.php: add control on arguments, clean-up
      fix PHP warning: var not declared
      fix PHP warning: wrong var. project -> group
      display trove link if trove is used. display tags if tags is used
      better html handling. use colspan only when needed
      docman: fix DocumentManager getActivity. do not reset the query in case 
of multiple sections
      util_find_relative_referer: error_msg, warning_msg nor feedback are 
passed in the url anymore. remove useless code
      tabs & remove useless code
      artifact create: by default, last_modified_by is the creator id
      remove dead code about anoncvs_* user
      docman, limit visibility on nb of docs & directories to active when user 
has no approve permissions
      tracker XML export: make it work again!
      remove useless code
      rss utils: use util_make_url when needed
      rss tracker: general url fix
      rss: remove duplicate code
      rss docman: fix getDocuments
      less code
      rss activity: fix html entities in URL & comment author since some html 
is present in the author and breaks the RSS
      space & use rss_utils when possible
      no div in span
      quick hack to avoid empty td cell
      taskboard: fix html syntax
      taskbord: fix task filtering
      avoid empty div
      space vs. tab
      fix php warning if createdate not set in json import file for 
      forge cli: better debug in case of json wrong syntax
      docman search: fix URL filetype test. Use version not document itself
      tracker search renderer: use permalink for artifact. use theme function 
for icon
      docman review: use floor for %
      better information message when no activity visible to user
      fix double header in case of error
      scmhg: rewrite the activity call
      scmhg: fix php syntax
      use util_make_url to get check_forwarded_session
      scmhg: add missing grant for libexec
      globalactivity plugin: avoid double header in case of error
      fix error in activity in case of private scm feature in project
      rss activity: fix permission check for task/pm
      enhance fix for permission check in rss activity: reuse Activity object
      globalactivity plugin: use standard Activity object to check for 
      project admin: turn off trove according to forge configuration
      less string & tabs
      funky theme: fix jquery tabs. make it work with markdown
      widget user my tasks: add missing preview image
      missing translation
      set default value for parameter use_forum_mail_replies. disable forum 
reply by mail
      missing global var
      set default value for restrict_users_visibility: disable by default
      Layout: use the current object rather than getting the object using 
global. does not make any sense :-)
      Support forced proto in form action.
      force proto in form action to avoid plain http when user force it.
      Add trailing Audit about is_template modification
      typo: very -> every
      forum message body: add missing cross_ref support
      fix missing 2nd param
      Reimplement util_cross_ref page2url to make it work with any wiki plugin!
      sync translations from Translation Project
      Merge 6.0
      new pot to prepare next stabilization release
      forge_get_config: fix example command
      Introduce limited_ssh preview feature: replace a full ssh access by a 
selected list of ssh supported commands
      fix tabs in scm view. related to markdown fix in tracker
      use_shell_limited: support scmgit plugin
      fix PHP syntax
      fix PHP syntax
      fix for git support
      use_shell_limited: implement scmsvn support
      scmhg: remove unused hgroot-authfile, clean-up ini file
      Remove obsolete INSTALL file
      remove unused function htpasswd_apr1_md5
      use core chroot configuration value when needed by default
      add ssh_port default value if not define
      scmsvn: remove anonsvn_password parameter. not used anymore
      fix cronman page by using the correct job id, clean-up create_vhosts.php
      use yes vs. true & point to the correct wiki page
      ensure bindir exists
      obsolete README file
      plugins README clean-up. Point to the correct documentation on 
fusionforge wiki
      use constant GROUP_IS_NEWS when needed rather than calling 
forge_get_config function each time
      fix double message: warning & error level. all is error
      remove trailing characters
      fix admin vhost: tweaking a vhost. clean-up strings
      empty line
      fix [#874]: missing elements to create artifact
      use a_follow.php when possible
      use a_follow.php when possible
      tracker: fix attachment deletion in widget view
      tracker: fix default value on priority and assigned_to, fix widget view 
for non-managers users
      fix [#271]: disable skin support & partial fix of [#876]: user cannot 
edit preference
      fix packaging for use_shell_limited feature. avoid support only src 
installation must be executable
      if use_shell_limited is set, cannot modify the default user shell. does 
not make any sense
      fix sed in post-install. missing s
      fix post-install ftp, docker support
      frs reporting: add missing reorder columns support
      frs: fix use manual upload support. do not overwrite global var
      yet another fix to set correctly bin_dir configuration value
      account password lost facility: add missing translation, add message when 
check_password_strength used
      use html5 when possible: required
      fix PHP syntax
      scmhg: prepare front to support multiple repositories
      scmgit: remove useless code.
      scmhg: complete front end multirepo support
      scmgit: remove useless code
      scmhg: prepare support for Hg nightly snapshot & tarball
      scmhg: fix PHP warning & introduce support for hgweb browse and multirepo
      scmhg: support multirepo. make the main repo works. prepare multirepo 
support in hgweb config
      scmhg: start backend multirepo support
      scm plugins: remove useless code. scmsvn: display snapshots on page
      scmhg: multirepo, backend implementation
      space vs. tabs
      use bash -e when needed. tabs vs. space
      coding style
      remove first space in line... remove clone from WUI
      fix PHP syntax
      double space -> simple space
      SCM index page: support allow_multiple_scm option
      remove unused var
      wrong comments.
      use SCMFactory
      SCM admin page: support allow_multiple_scm for anonymous setting
      SCM admin page: make it allow_multiple_scm friendly
      scmhook: make it allow_multiple_scm friendly: start
      SCM, secondary repo: make it allow_scm_multiple aware.
      remove unused code
      SCM: make secondary repo delete more robust.
      SCM browser: make it allow_multiple_scm friendly
      use PHP syntax
      scmhook: start implement support multirepo
      generic getRepositories for any SCM plugin
      scmhook: prepare multirepo scmhg support
      scmhook: multirepo backend implement + php fix
      scmhg: more multirepo support: scmsvn, scmcvs
      scmhook: support multirepo [#696], fix [#862], fix [#847]
      fix carriage return
      fix activity SCM with multirepo support
      scmhook: commitEmail, set the mail destination
      scmhook: remove dead call
      tabs vs. space
      scmhook: better handling for clearing hooks
      fix PHP syntax
      scmhook: implement fix for scmcvs & scmgit
      scmhook: reuse scm_plugin rather than fetching info from library. better 
support for multiscm and multirepo
      scmhook: fix backend for repository_name. do not use group unixname...
      fix multirepo support in artifact_extra_detail support. remove wrong link 
to browse page
      prepare 6.1beta2

Marc-Etienne Vargenau (2):
      Cannot put a <div> inside a <span>
      double quotes

Roland Mas (1):
      Bumped version number

root (1):
      scmhg: multirepo support. complete



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