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I am currently configuring FusionInventory to automatically inventory
SNMP capable devices. Unfortunately a lot of them are just discovered
but not inventoried. I guess it is due to the devices MIBS not being
supported by FusionInventory. Is there a documentation explaining how I
could add support for these devices (match information fields with the
correct OIDs)? Thank you.
Hi Kevin.

Inventory of network assets has always been badly documented...

Devices discovered by the 'network discovery' task are not automatically added to the inventory, they are reported to the GLPI server, and processed according to import rules. So, if those devices don't appear in your assets list, they are probably waiting in some staging area for which I don't remember the exact name, nor do I remember how to access this area.

In order to inventory those device (meaning: collecting additional information), you have to first import them (either manually, from the staging area) or correct your import rules to automatically accept them next time (beware for duplicates...). Then you have to run a 'network inventory' task with them as target.

Additional information:
- http://fusioninventory.org/documentation/tasks/networkdiscovery.html
- http://fusioninventory.org/documentation/fi4g/importrules.html

The only additional knowledge you may want to add to the agent database is the SNMP SysObjectId value identifying each device model, in sysobject.ids file. However, its only purpose is to automatically populate the "model" field sent by the agent to the server on network discovery.

Hope this helps.

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