Hi Everyone

We're a small print house in the UK with a couple of FusionPro Desktop
licences and running an Indigo press.  We're in discussion with Printable
about stepping up to use a PrintOne Retail Store.

Whilst very helpful, my sales contact has been unable to point me at any
reference sites using the Retail Store under the premise that it's new and
that a number of existing clients are still building theirs.

Before I take the plunge, does anyone on the list have any experience in
running a Retail Store, the ease of branding, the performance?  I'm
interested to here views on any area of the solution - strengths and

>From using the demo site, I have two specific issues which I'd appreciate
any of your comments on.  Both have been raised with my sales contact.

* Performance - the catalog list (100 items) seems slow to load (about 8
seconds) and each expand/collapse menu cause a page reload when it's first
expanded.  There's no reload after the first expansion - presumably
because it's cached.  I'm unclear whether this is a connection issue from
UK to US  (using broadband 1Mbit/s) or whether this is typical.  My
concern is that in the retail environment, end-users may not be patient
enough to wait.

* Size of proofing window - this seems small compared to other solutions. 
When I look at competitors, the proof window appears much larger and
clearer.  Does anyone else feel the same way, or am I just being a bit

Many Thanks


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