> A great big sloppy thanks - it was the space in color_name..
> I figured it'd give a syntax error if it was that wrong...

There's probably an error message in your composition log file about the
unknown tag "colorname".  No error is generated at rule validation time
because there's nothing wrong with the rule syntax itself.  As far as
the JavaScript interpreter is concerned, you're returning a perfectly
valid string from your rule, which just happens to contain some tags
intended for parsing by the composition engine.  It's only when you
actually do a composition that the returned tags are processed.

(Client-side JavaScript on web pages works pretty much the same way: if
there's a syntax error in the script itself, you'll get an error message
from the browser, but if the script generates a malformed tag, the
browser will probably just ignore it.  At least in FusionPro, you do get
a message in the log file about the unkown tag.)

So, here's some good advice for everyone:  Whenever the output doesn't
look like what you expect, look in your log file for clues.


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