here is the Address1FONTRULE. its quite lengthy.

//a variable string1 is defined to hold content of the field.
string1 = Field("Address1");
//the following 2 variable values need to be changed to the desired fonts
var changedChars_font = "MetaPlusBook";
var non_changedChars_font = "MetaPlusBookCaps";

//new_string1 will contain the return value
new_string1 = "";
//create reusable strings that have the <f Name> tags for font changes 
changedChars_font_tag = "<f Name =" + changedChars_font + ">";
non_changedChars_font_tag = "<f Name =" + non_changedChars_font + ">";
//count the characters in the input string
charCount = string1.length;
//set a flag variable to signify if a looked-for character is
encountered.  Set to false initially.
found_lfc_flag = 0;
//a loop will be used to look at each character, determine if it is a
looked-for character,
//and decide if a point size tag is required.
for (x=1; x<=charCount; x++)
 //get a character from the string and its ASCII code
 single_char = Mid(string1, x, 1);
 ascii_code = Asc(single_char);
 //if the ASCII code is between 47 and 57, the character is a number
 if (ascii_code >= 47 && ascii_code <= 57)
  //At this point in the code, we know that the current char is a
looked-for character
  //the found_lfc_flag tracks if the previous char was a number
  //or not.
  if (found_lfc_flag == 0)
   //this code will set the flag to signify that a number was found
   //and also add the tagged markup to the string to change the point
   found_lfc_flag = 1;
   new_string1 = new_string1 + changedChars_font_tag;
 //The else condition will execute if the current character is not a
looked-for character
 //or if this is the first character in the string.
  if (found_lfc_flag == 1 || x==1)
   found_lfc_flag = 0;
   new_string1 = new_string1 + non_changedChars_font_tag;
 //lastly, the character we inspected is added to the string.
 new_string1 = new_string1 + single_char;
return new_string1;

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