Hi Shane,

You can set tab stops the old-fashioned way using the "tabstops"
attribute of the <p> tag, but that's not very straightforward, which is
why we came up with the Tab Stop GUI.  Refer to the Tags Reference Guide
for more info.

If you want to apply the same tab stops to multiple paragraphs in the
Text Editor, there are three ways to do it:

1. Start with no content in the Text Editor.  Set the tab stops first.
Then, whenever you insert a new paragraph by hitting Enter/Return, the
new paragraph will automatically have the same attributes as the one you
were in.

2. Do a "Select All" (Ctrl-A on Windows, Command[Pretzel]-A on Mac), and
then set the tab stops (or any other paragraph-level attribute).

3. Save the tab stops to a named style, then apply that style to any
other paragraph in your job.

Also, if you're using tags, a new paragraph starting with a plain <p>
tag will inherit the attributes of the previous one.  Also, a <br> tag
will force a new line without starting a new paragraph.


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