> Has there been a Web Forum started up that
> I've missed the announcement about?

Yes. See below. You might have to contact printable for a password.

Eric Carbone
Systems Administrator
MOR Printing, Inc.

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Has there been a Web Forum started up that I've missed the announcement
Dawn McAtee
Ideal Printers, Inc.


                Announcing Printable's
Web to Print User Forum!        
May 31, 2007
Based on the tremendous success of our FusionPro VDP User Forum, we are
happy to announce the launch of our FusionPro Web to Print User Forum.
In this User Forum, we will host real time discussions with peers and
Printable employees. 

Topics can range from "How-To's" in the FusionPro Web Manager to
workflow scenarios and techniques for selling on-line services and more!

We look forward to this User Forum developing into a positive community
of Printable Users helping other Users, with tips and tricks of the
trade.  Look for input from Printable employees; our engineers to our
sales team, and of course, from our project and product managers.

We also have planned weekly posts of FAQs and release notes to keep you
up to date on the most current information.

To join the FusionPro Web User Forum, just follow the link below and
complete the form.  Just as with the FusionPro VDP Forum, you have the
option of receiving posts to the forum via e-mail, on the PrintPlanet
website, or both. 
Join the Printable Web To Print Forum Now

We look forward to seeing you on the forum!

- The Printable Team

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