If I understand what you are looking to accomplish, then yes - I think
this is possible.

A VDP Calendar can be either a very simple or extremely complex VDP job,
depending on the requirements.

Has anyone seen a need for a complex VDP calendar that's almost 100%
variable?  Curious what the user community feels about the need for
understanding how to create full VDP calendars.

In the most simple case, you would first design your calendar in your
design tool of choice (InDesign, Quark, etc).  This design would have
the images for each month and the complete layout of the calendar dates
themselves (in whatever format you are designing the calendar such as
with the traditional "grid" of dates for each month or something more
modern like the dates running along the side of the calendar with
imagery on the other side).

After you have the calendar designed (this is the "static" portion of
your template), you would then export that to PDF and start working on
the VDP portion in FusionPro.  You could associate, let's say, a list of
100 customers who you want to send this calendar to.  Using FusionPro,
you can place variable text frames where you want the customer names to

Outputting the calendar can be done as separate PDF files (let's say you
are going to send these PDF's to each customer in digital format) or you
could compose the whole lot of 100 calendars and print them up from 1
print file such as PPML on your output device.

Hope this is what you were looking for.  If not, let me know.

--Mark Hilger
  Product Manager
  Printable Technologies, Inc.

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