Actually, in order to avoid perpetuating the misconception that you need
to write JavaScript rules to do anything in FusionPro, I should note
that you can do this completely in the Text Editor, without writing any
code.  Just insert the field, select it, click the "U" button to
underline it, and insert the curly-quote characters before and after it.

To insert the curly-quote characters:

On Windows, hold down the Alt key and type 0147 or 0148 on the numeric
keypad (with Num Lock on) for the left and right double quotation marks
(curly quotes).
OR: Go to Start->Run, type "charmap" and Enter.  Then find the curly
quotes.  You can check the "Advanced view" box, and then enter 201C in
the "Go to Unicode" box.  Then Select and Copy, and paste in the text

On Mac, use Option+[ and Shift+Option+[ for the left and right double
OR: Open the Character Palette (from the Edit menu in Acrobat, select
"Special Characters," or go to the System Preferences, International
pane, and check "Show input menu in menu bar," then from the menu bar,
select "Show Character Palette.")  In tree view in the Character
Palette, select Punctuation->Punctuation, locate the desired character,
and click Insert.  More info here:

Also, on either platform, you can make two rules that return the
"„" and "”" entities, and insert them into the Text Editor
as needed.


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