It's probably stupid-simple, it always is. . .but I have a question:

On a business card, in the variable text box that holds the
address/phone/fax numbers, I need the ADDRESS to remain unchanged (123 Main
Street, New York, NY 00000) and the titles "Telephone" and "Fax" to remain
unchanged, but the phone and fax NUMBERS to be changeable.

So far, so good.

I could have SWORN that in the Text Frame "Edit Text" area, I simply type in
the address that doesn't change, the titles of Telephone and Fax, then
INSERT the variables as needed -- phone and fax numbers, in this case.

But when I preview in the PrintOne, the address doesn't appear, nor do the
Telephone or Fax titles. . .only, naturally, the variable text inputted for

How do I get SOME things in a variable text box to be static, and other
things to be change-able? Does it happen in the Text Fame area -- or in the
values of the "Flat File Data" files?

Thanks a bunch in advance. . .


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