I'm trying to compose a job that's basically a letter with variable-
data address and salutation. The data fields are:

Prefix       (e.g., Mr.)
Suffix        (e.g., Sr., Jr., Esq., etc.)
Title 1
Title 2
Company name 1
Company name 2
Address 1
Address 2

I've got the fields set up to print

Prefix Name MI Surname Suffix
Title1 Title2
Companyname1 Companyname2
Address 1
Address 2
City, State Zip

I've got all fields set to suppress empty fields. The problem I'm 
having is that, in some cases, an absent title will print as a blank 
line. It seems to be that the combination of a suffix being present 
and titles being absent results in the blank line, but I'm still 
playing with tests (on a file of about 30 records, instead of the 
5000 in the whole job).

Any thoughts on what I should be looking for? I already checked for 
spaces in fields that "looked" blank, and that didn't seem to be the 

Any advice is welcome,

Steve Blatman
Ink Spot Printing & Copy Center, Inc.
14 Church Road, Frazer, PA 19355 USA
Tel: 610-647-0776
Fax: 610-647-4560

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