Ed wrote...

We have a 6.0 site already set up. Just curious if there's an easy way
move from 5.5 to 6.0. Any idea when the toll will be available?


Ed, we're targeting our 6.1 release in August to include our conversion
tools, which will allow you to convert an existing 5.5 site to 6.x.  In
this scenario, the entire site will be converted at once, including all
products, locations, etc., after you've had a chance to view the site
and show it to your customer in a beta (preview environment.

Meanwhile, as Mark mentioned you can build your customer a new 6.x Store
side-by-side with their existing 5.5 Store.  In this scenario, you have
your CPM create for you a new 6.x Site (you will not be charged until
it's live and your 5.5 site is made inactive), to which you can easily
copy all templates, then use bulk ops to bring over users, locations,
cost centers, etc.  There are some trick's you'll need to use to manage
users and passwords for testing before you bring it live, and your CPM
can help you that too.

In many cases, even after the conversion tools are available, I think
building a new site side-by-side will be a useful option, because you'll
be able to ease your customer into it with pilot programs limited to a
small set of users, while the majority remain on 5.5.

If you have any questions, let me know, or contact your CPM.


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